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This is where I waste my time...
Leggo, June 2013! 
06 Sep 2012
I just found out today that I still WON'T graduate this October despite finishing my only subject because I have to retake a subject I already passed last sem because of a waiver. I was so discouraged I thought I don't want to finish college anymore. I was thinking I was gonna finish this sem and go do something else. Something totally unrelated to my course.

Then I remembered I had to go to the Medicine building because I had an appointment with their Dean to see if I can refund the non-refundable reservation fee I paid last sem. She told me no, and told me to write to someone else, and asked why I didn't enroll in the first place. And so I told her my story, and we kept talking and talking, and then I realized, there are still quite a few administrators in UST that have no god-complexes, are not heartless, and are not self-absorbed! Here is one Prof. Ma. Graciela G. Gonzaga, M.D. who really listened to me and is compassionate enough to empathize and offer me help in anyway she can.

Just like that, I was inspired! I was always envious of my classmates who had something happen to them and that "happening" changed their life for the better. I think this is it! I think SHE is it. As much as this day sucked so bad. I'm glad there's Dr. Gonzaga to make it a tad bit better.

Here's to hoping that things start to look up! Cheers to my renewed desire to really pursue Med school! The only thing to worry about now is how I'll break the news to my mom...
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