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This is where I waste my time...
Thank you, Snappetite! 
26 Jun 2012

I knew of Snappetite from a batchmate of my brother who I follow in Twitter. I think she was sharing it to a friend, encouraging her to try it out. Being the curious boy that I am, I clicked that link and man was I hooked! Ever since then, I took pictures of (almost) everything that I ate. Family and friends initially found it to be weird, but after a while they got used to it, even waiting for me to take pictures of our food before eating them.

Just a few from my "collection".

Originally, I only posted pictures of food I ate from restaurants. Thing was, I wasn't always eating in restaurants and it would be embarrassing to post pictures of food from fast food chains. Although, I did post a pic of a Double Down from KFC once... But anyway, that's when I thought maybe I should start trying out recipes here at home.

I cheated at first, getting those ready-made pesto sauces and buffalo chicken marinades. The food tasted good but I was fooling myself into thinking that I can actually, really cook. And so I researched. My first consideration in researching for a recipe was based on my favorites. Second would have to be the availability of the ingredients. I know of the cane and white vinegar, we have those here at home. But apple cider and sherry vinegar? Too gourmet for me. Creme fraiche? Sour cream!

I mostly started on pasta. I think I've covered every kind of sauce: there's the white, oil, pesto, and red. Come to think of it, nope, I've never tried making a meat sauce. I remember last Christmas, I tried making a beef stroganoff without knowing how a beef stroganoff tastes like. It was a disaster.


Then, I moved on to more challenging recipes like meat dishes. My first few attempts were futile, with the likes of my grilled mustard liempo, a recipe I got from a friend, ending up being a grilled tasteless liempo. My most successful (and most favorite) meat dish would have to be my ground beef tacos. Yum!

Lately though, I've been experimenting a lot on potatoes. They're so easy to cook and they taste good, too! Mashed potato, oven-fried potato rounds, tater tots, potato wedges... Nomnomnom. They taste good with Heinz! Of course except for the mashed potato.

I can only thank Snappetite for this "passion" in cooking. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not (yet) that good in cooking. I can barely survive without YouTube-ing the recipe I'm cooking WHILE cooking. =))

Check out the link to my Snappetite account on my sidebar to the right. :) This entry is dedicated to my dreams of joining Masterchef Pinoy Edition! HAHA.
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