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This is where I waste my time...
Mr. Kwek-kwek Connoisseur 
05 Jul 2012
I was on my way to meet my mom so I could ride with her going home. But before I met with her, I thought I'd eat in this kwek-kwek place I always eat in since it was on the way. While riding in the trike, I thought of a probably stupidbrilliant idea: why not write about kwek-kwek?

I've been regularly commuting for almost a decade now (WOW) so you can only imagine how exposed I am to street food. I've tried them all: fishballs, chicken/squidballs, leeg (chicken neck), calamares, fried isaw (chicken intestines), and kwek-kwek (quail eggs in batter). Leeg comes in at a very, very close second, but kwek-kwek has got to be my favorite.

Photo courtesy of OpenRice.com

Ah, Balut Eggspress. Not the place where I first tasted kwek-kwek, but the place that got me addicted to it. It was conveniently situated at MRT Ayala station so I always passed by it every time I went home whenever I came home from Glorietta. It was such a hit that it even opened up a cart in Food Choices in Glorietta 4. But, just like any fad, Balut Eggspress started to fade away. Now, I don't think there are anymore Balut Eggspress stalls anywhere.

Found in Asturias St. outside UST, this is what my (former) classmates call as KFC or the Kikiam, Fishball corner. HAHA. I know, I know. =)) Nothing too special about this place except there's this sweet sauce which isn't a common sauce for kwek-kwek. Also, I eat here whenever I'm saving. Which is often.

This stall fooled me into thinking that I've found the best kwek-kwek place ever. This was a constant go-to place since after we transferred from Makati to Muntinlupa, well, because it was right outside our village. Not really a bad kwek-kwek place but I think I go there more because of their gulaman.

Early this year, I learned of a new shortcut going home. With this discovery, came another discovery: a new kwek-kwek place to eat in! A big factor for kwek-kwek taste is always the vinegar (sometimes sweet/sweet and sour sauce). In the case of this kwek-kwek place in Soldiers Hills, it was the "skin" of the kwek-kwek that made it more special. It didn't just cover the quail eggs, it had its own taste. And the way it absorbs the vinegar and when you eat it it has this melt-in-your-mouth kind of feeling. Nomnomnom!

Photo courtesy of Chuvaness

I learned of Dr. Kwek-Kwek during the summer of 2011. On my way home from my OJT, I'd pass by Festival Mall since that was where I'd ride a jeep going home. Probably during one of my stomach's hungry bouts, I passed by the food court and saw this. Since I was saving (I always am) and of course, because kwek-kwek is my favorite, I decided to give Dr. Kwek-Kwek a try. Best kwek-kwek I've ever tried. Not only does the batter taste good but the vinegar and the sweet and spicy sauce taste good, too! Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me want to eat it, NOW.

Man, what a long entry. And about kwek-kwek? HAHA. Ending this madness now!
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