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This is where I waste my time...
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I was on my way to meet my mom so I could ride with her going home. But before I met with her, I thought I'd eat in this kwek-kwek place I always eat in since it was on the way. While riding in the trike, I thought of a probably stupidbrilliant idea: why not write about kwek-kwek?

I've been regularly commuting for almost a decade now (WOW) so you can only imagine how exposed I am to street food. I've tried them all: fishballs, chicken/squidballs, leeg (chicken neck), calamares, fried isaw (chicken intestines), and kwek-kwek (quail eggs in batter). Leeg comes in at a very, very close second, but kwek-kwek has got to be my favorite.

The kwek-kwek adventure...Collapse )

Man, what a long entry. And about kwek-kwek? HAHA. Ending this madness now!

I knew of Snappetite from a batchmate of my brother who I follow in Twitter. I think she was sharing it to a friend, encouraging her to try it out. Being the curious boy that I am, I clicked that link and man was I hooked! Ever since then, I took pictures of (almost) everything that I ate. Family and friends initially found it to be weird, but after a while they got used to it, even waiting for me to take pictures of our food before eating them.

Just a few from my "collection".

Originally, I only posted pictures of food I ate from restaurants. Thing was, I wasn't always eating in restaurants and it would be embarrassing to post pictures of food from fast food chains. Although, I did post a pic of a Double Down from KFC once... But anyway, that's when I thought maybe I should start trying out recipes here at home.

I cheated at first, getting those ready-made pesto sauces and buffalo chicken marinades. The food tasted good but I was fooling myself into thinking that I can actually, really cook. And so I researched. My first consideration in researching for a recipe was based on my favorites. Second would have to be the availability of the ingredients. I know of the cane and white vinegar, we have those here at home. But apple cider and sherry vinegar? Too gourmet for me. Creme fraiche? Sour cream!

I mostly started on pasta. I think I've covered every kind of sauce: there's the white, oil, pesto, and red. Come to think of it, nope, I've never tried making a meat sauce. I remember last Christmas, I tried making a beef stroganoff without knowing how a beef stroganoff tastes like. It was a disaster.


Then, I moved on to more challenging recipes like meat dishes. My first few attempts were futile, with the likes of my grilled mustard liempo, a recipe I got from a friend, ending up being a grilled tasteless liempo. My most successful (and most favorite) meat dish would have to be my ground beef tacos. Yum!

Lately though, I've been experimenting a lot on potatoes. They're so easy to cook and they taste good, too! Mashed potato, oven-fried potato rounds, tater tots, potato wedges... Nomnomnom. They taste good with Heinz! Of course except for the mashed potato.

I can only thank Snappetite for this "passion" in cooking. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not (yet) that good in cooking. I can barely survive without YouTube-ing the recipe I'm cooking WHILE cooking. =))

Check out the link to my Snappetite account on my sidebar to the right. :) This entry is dedicated to my dreams of joining Masterchef Pinoy Edition! HAHA.
I've just finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, just in time before my class starts again.

I found it to be a good story, although a bit lacking. And I'm not saying this just to sound cool, going against the fad. The story has promise although I felt it could have been written better. And again, I don't want to sound like I'm a good writer. Heck, I don't even like my own style of writing. But, I feel E L James could have varied her writing style a bit, not choosing the same choice of words over and over again for same situations, e.g. finding release for orgasm, heart in mouth and prickling scalp for nervousness. She could have also been creative with the some of the character's names. I mean, J. (and) Hyde? Ryan and Reynolds as names for bodyguards, really?

I get the fuss about Fifty. It's all about the sex. I mean, sex in itself sells, but it becomes more appealing because of the Dominant-Submissive concept. I found it interesting to read on the first book, maybe halfway through the second but eventually, I get tired of reading about Christian and Ana having sex ALL THE TIME.

What I like about the book is the email concept. I enjoy reading the witty subjects of the emails and Christian and Ana's banter. I applaud James for thinking of Christian issues - not knowing the concept of being loved. It's nothing like I've ever read before. From Christian being one person at the start of the novel, to being nothing like his old self at the end.

Although I wonder, how would it be if they adapted it on the big screen. It just wouldn't be the same if they omitted the sex parts for the sake of censorship. Would the actors be porn stars? Would it be a porn movie? If it were to be a commercial movie, I bet watching Fifty wouldn't have the same effect as compared to reading the book. Well, this is always the case but for Fifty, maybe more so. We obviously won't see Ana's inner goddess dance salsa and samba and her subconscious with her half-moon specs.

OR, since I only downloaded the e-book, it could have been a fake copy and I could be wrong and I could have read an entirely different story. Haha.

But you know what, not over-analyzing Fifty, it is a very, very good read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as it provided a very dark, erotic, and refreshingly new twist to your normal love stories.
04 Jun 2012 - Summer of 2012...
...was supposed to be one in preparation for Med school. But alas, it wasn't. So instead, it was one spent being online. Thank God for the Internet. 2 months is a very, very long time for being a bum.

The first few weeks were bearable since I had my multiple tv series to accompany me. But, as each one had their season finales, I had to find other stuff to keep me busy. Well, there were always my Facebook games. With the amount of time I had, I was even able to revisit games I had long since forgotten, like The Sims Social (which would explain my numerous The Sims Social-related wall posts). I get tired of it eventually and I am reminded why I stopped playing in the first place. There are always movies to download, but there's only so much that piqued my interest. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are very, very good movies. I ask my mom if she can buy me a new book but she refuses because she just bought me new shoes. Well, I download e-books. I've just finished Fifty Shades of Grey and am now halfway through Fifty Shades Darker. Again, thank you, Internet. Also makes it easier to Google words I don't understand.
For what it's worth (and no matter how cheesy this may sound), I really did feel that we were meant to be, no matter how screwed up we both were. Well, more me than you. But still, I was hoping you could have held on a little longer.

If this is from you to me...Collapse )

Leaving this entry public in the hopes that you may stumble upon this while stalking me...
I feel like covers of Katy Perry songs are always better than her originals.

For example:Collapse )

HAHA. The things I think of at 1:30 AM.
17 days later, I think I'm finally ready to start this new year.

Today I talked to someone and we've finally settled things. Now I can say that I've left all the bad memories of 2011 (and early 2012) behind.

I did learn a few things from 2011, though. Like being more mature, understanding people more, not to expect so much from others, etc. What I wish I did more, though was to prioritize. AND STAY OFF OF THE INTERNET. Facebook and Twitter pretty much ruined my 2011. Not kidding.

So now I've decided that I'm taking 2012! With regard to my academics, I know I won't get best thesis but I'll at least aim for best thesis poster. HAHA. Also, no more failing quizzes (like my Adv Inorg quiz earlier) and missed homeworks! Which means I'll have to do numbers 1 and 2 of page 28 for Phy Chem after I finish this entry. Huhu.

Shameless plug of my nice handwriting:Collapse )

Exit interview on the 25th. I WILL GRADUATE THIS YEAR.

[EDIT] My mom offered me a grad gift today which means I must really graduate this year!
First of all, self pity will not get you anywhere. Grow up.

Second, be responsible for people who rely on you. If you can't, give the responsibilities to someone who can.

Lastly, rules are made not for the purpose of irritating you, no matter how it may seem to be that way.
15 Dec 2011 - It's sad when...
...you know there's something wrong with you, but you can't bring yourself to do something about it. I mean, I see what's happening to me and I don't like it. There are times when I get to think about it, and there are times when I could do something to correct what's wrong with me, BUT I JUST CAN'T.

And it's not like this is some petty thing, too. If I don't fix myself, I could potentially ruin my life. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating on that bit, but not graduating this March 2012 is not an option!!!

And sometimes I consider getting a therapist. Because you know, you talk to your friends about your problems, they give you advice, but it usually goes out the other ear. Well, at least for me. At least therapists know what they talk about, they can give you sound advice. At least I think so. Plus, it would be a waste to not listen to whatever advice they give because that's what your paying for anyway.

No, I'm not depressed. I just feel like I could really use some help. Maybe a little prayer from you for me would be nice. :)
20 Nov 2011 - Intense senioritis
Ever since this sem started, I've not achieved anything in school. Not one bit. Actually, no, it started late last sem. At that time, I bought a small whiteboard to help me "prioritze". "Prioritize" because the first thing in the list is not even a priority. HAHA.

Ever since I started on my thesis, I've had no progress at all. Similar to what twistedstellar tweeted, I feel the pressure of the impending thesis defense of doom on January but I'm just too uninspired to work. It also doesn't help that I don't really get my thesis, plus my adviser is always too busy.

Meanwhile, I'm once again enrolled in the subject that I just failed last sem. And you know what? I just don't learn. We're 2 quizzes in and I failed the first one and I'll probably fail the second one, too. Hay, life.

Well, the title says 'senioritis' but maybe it's just me and my laziness and stupidity. Just ONE semester left before graduation and this just isn't supposed to be what's happening. Hope this this entry jinxes what needs to be jinxed! And to everyone who can read this, please pray for me! Haha. Thank you!
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